Our daughter was born on August 7, 2017 in a hospital in Leipzig. It was my second birth (the older brother is 5 years old), which is why I wanted to prepare myself better this time. The truth is, every delivery is different and every pregnant woman experiences it differently.

However, it is important to follow certain rules, such as breathing and enough drinking, which ensure the trouble-free delivery of the baby as well as help the pregnant woman to cope easier with the efforts of labor.

I got to know our doula earlier during my pregnancy. Back then, we already talked about topics concerning pregnancy and childbirth. Raluca, as a mother of two children, was passionately telling me about her own experiences and always liked to share information with me, things that are important to know for the woman in labor.

I also told her about my wishes. During various consultations, she was able to find out about my fears as well as my expectations. I also realized that, in order for Raluca to provide the best emotional and physical support, it is very important that I figure out what I expect from my doula before the actual delivery.

On the day of the delivery, Raluca constantly instructed me on how to breath. She was practicing with me the correct techniques of how to breath in and out, which turned out to be a decisive factor. Through empathy and sympathy, she motivated me to trust in my own body. During the most intense moments, she provided me with mental support as well as with physical relaxation, e.g. easing pain during contraction through massage.

Not only did my doula accompany me during labor, but she stayed with even after the delivery and kept on supporting me. Since I place a great value on breastfeading, I found it very supporting when Raluca helped the first time I was breastfeading and even comforted me afterwards.

My doula stilled many of my fears and doubts and, despite all the ups and downs, contributed to an eased delivery. I am very happy that I had a companion like her by my side and wish other women the same kind of support that I received from Raluca. I recommend my doula to every pregnant woman, because of her professionalism and kindness with which she acts in the field of birth support.

Marta (34)